Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Marzuki Yahya in a statement said that it was never his intention to give off the impression that he had studied at the prestigious University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. -NSTP/SHAHNAZ FAZLIE SHAHRIZAL

KUALA LUMPUR: Embroiled in a controversy surrounding his Bachelor's degree, deputy foreign minister Datuk Marzuki Yahya today produced his academic transcript from the Cambridge International University (CIU).

Dated May 16, 2005, the academic transcript bearing CIU's logo, showed that Marzuki enrolled for a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in logistics management.

He took up nine courses with a total of "45 credits" under the study mode of "credit accumulation & transfer scheme".

The subjects he took were Business Organization, Strategic Management, Logistics Management I and II, Stock Control Management, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Economics and Dissertation.

It stated that he finished the degree with a 3.3 grade point average (GPA).

Marzuki also shared a copy of his certificate from CIU, to clarify that he had graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics Management.

Since the controversy over his degree broke out, CIU's website has been visited countless of times by members of the media, with various articles produced pointing out the oddities of this learning institution.

The results transcript shared by Datuk Marzuki Yahya (left) and an example of Cambridge International University (CIU) results’ transcript.

NST also found that the university listed a Malaysian 'Ravi Prabakaran' as one of its official partners, although there was no explanation on what this meant or how to get in touch with their official partners.

The website however appears to have been hacked and is no longer accessible today.

Its cached view can still be accessed and under the university's gallery section, there is a photo of an academic transcript belonging to one "Abraham Kensington", possibly put up as an example of how their transcripts look like.

It does look similar to the one Marzuki shared, however further scrutiny brought to light similarities that raise questions.

"Abraham Kensington" also took up nine courses and while the names of the courses are different than the ones Marzuki took, the order of both grades and grade point are exactly the same.

The transcript on the website listed the results of "Abraham Kensington" as such: B (3.0), A- (3.7), B+ (3.3), B+ (3.3), B (3.0), A- (3.7), B (3.0), A (3.9) and B (3.0).

Marzuki's results were also exactly the same, in the exact same order.

Both recorded "45 credits" with a "total credits" of 29.9 and a GPA of 3.3.

Marzuki, in sharing proof of the degree he obtained at CIU, also issued a statement in which he said that it was never his intention to give off the impression that he had studied at the prestigious University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

"Honestly, it was never my intention to use my academic qualification to confuse anyone," Marzuki said, adding that he had only taken up the degree to gain knowledge.

He remarked that at the time, he did not expect he would one day be part of the ruling government.

"I hope my explanation will answer all confusion. I also leave my position as deputy foreign minister and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) secretary-general to the Prime Minister and party leadership," he said.

Delving further on his academic journey with CIU which began in 2002 and ended in 2005, Marzuki explained that it was a long distance learning.

"At the time I was working as the CEO of my logistics and shipping company in Penang.

"Honestly, my intention at the time was to gain more contemporary and current knowledge on the logistics and shipping industry in developed countries, including the United States of America. It was my hope that the knowledge I would acquire would help me expand and further develop my shipping company," Marzuki said.

"During the course of my studies, I completed all the assignments for the subjects I took as required by the university," Marzuki said.

Commenting on CIU's lack of accreditation, Marzuki said when he took the course in 2002 the topic of universities being accredited was not widely discussed.

"In fact, at the time, there was no notable and organised university ranking system like we have today. There was aslso no list of 'bogus universities' at the time.

"Therefore, when I found out about the courses offered by CIU, which was related to the field I was in, I registered without due consideration on the accreditation," he said.

The recent status update on the Facebook page.

Marzuki came under fire recently over his academic background as his Wikipedia page had stated that the deputy minister holds a degree from the University of Cambridge.

He later clarified that it was not the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, but CIU based in the United States.

With regard to the Wikipedia entry, Marzuki said anyone could make edits to a Wikipedia page.

"Honestly I have never included any information about my education on Wikipedia. I also did not direct anyone to do so," he said.

His Wikipedia page has since been edited and it no longer states that he studied at the University of Cambridge.