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Zurinawati Mohi was (2nd right) with her husband Mohd Nazri Hisham Omar (4th right), who was injured in the Christchurch shooting incident. -NSTP/Courtesy pic

KUALA LUMPUR: Associate Professor Dr Zurinawati Mohi was at the Malaysia-Thailand border when she received a shocking phone call from a friend informing her about the shooting incident in Christchurch, New Zealand.

While she was heading to Hatyai for work-related matters, her husband Mohd Nazri Hisham Omar, 46, and three of their children were in Christchurch.

"To get confirmation, I immediately called my husband and three children but my calls went unanswered. Not long after that, one of my kids sent me a WhatsApp message telling me their father was injured," she said when contacted today.

Zurinawati, 48, said her husband was badly injured but she does not know if he was conscious or otherwise.

"Our three children are safe but traumatised following what happened," she said.

Mohd Nazri, a Malaysian, is among those injured in the mosque shootings that took place in Christchurch today which has so far claimed at least 40 lives.

Zurinawati who is a lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in Puncak Alam said her husband who works in New Zealand had been staying there with their three children since January.

"During the incident, my three kids, Muhammad Haqiem Daniel, 17; Muhammad Hazieq Daniel, 13, and Muhammad Hazriq Daniel, 9, were in school, close to where the shooting took place," she said.

She informed that she will be heading to New Zealand with their eldest son Muhammad Haiqal Daniel, 19, as soon as possible.

"I will return to our home in Shah Alam first and will leave via a flight from Singapore tomorrow.

"I accept what happened and hope for the prayers of all Malaysians," she said.

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