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Ocean waves can be a source of creating renewable energy. -NSTP/GHAZALI KORI

KUALA LUMPUR: Ocean waves can be one of the mechanisms to create renewable energy besides using the solar photovoltaic (PV) panel.

Universiti Malaysia Terengganu school of ocean engineering Associate Professor Dr Mohd Zamri Ibrahim said the initiative by the government to use solar PV panels to create renewable energy and promote energy efficiency was a good move.

However, he said other natural resources could be used to produce alternative energy.

“Other alternatives that can be used to create renewable energy are wind turbines and ocean waves.

“Our country has yet to use natural resources such as ocean waves. It can be one of the mechanisms to create new energy.

“I hope the government will take up this idea so that they can reduce the cost of installing materials too,” he told the New Sunday Times.

He was commenting on one of the initiatives highlighted by Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin, that renewable energy is expected to generate at least 20 per cent of the nation’s energy by 2025.

She had said the programme was to increase renewable energy in electricity supply and would reduce the consumption of fossil fuels as well as reduce greenhouse gas effects.

On the bill to amend the Environmental Quality Act 1974 proposed by the ministry, Zamri said it was the right time for the government to act swiftly in solving environmental issues.

The bill is to amend the act to provide for heavier punishments and increased enforcement.

“It is indeed a good move as we need heftier punishments for those who pollute our environment.

“The existing penalties do not really deter the situation.

“The government should provide more enforcement and heavier punishment so that such a situation can be controlled in the future. Therefore, it is timely,” said Zamri.

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