RESIDENTS in Ara Damansara have been coming home to loud drilling and hammering sounds that keep them awake at night.

The noise pollution is coming from a construction site at Citta Mall.

Cynthia Lee Sue Jean, 37, a resident of Medalla suites, said she called the Ara Damansara police station about the noise, but was told that they could not do anything as the construction company had a permit from the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ).

She claimed her complaints to the MBPJ went unheeded.

“The construction has been ongoing for two years now. There are two condominiums about 50 metres away from the mall. How can you give permit for the works to be carried out at night, at a residential area?” she said when contacted.

(File pix) A view of a site at Citta Mall. Pix courtesy of Ara Damansara resident

Cynthia claimed that during the day, the construction works were less noisy as to allow the businesses at the mall to continue without disturbance.

Meanwhile, when contacted, MBPJ said they had received complaints regarding the matter.

“We will send our team to do surveillance work and check if the sounds from the construction site exceed the limit. We will also study the permit given to the company and the relevant details. Once our team is done, we will submit a report to the Health Department,” an official said.

(File pix) The screengrab from a video recorded by an Ara Damansara resident shows construction activities ongoing at a site at Citta Mall during night time. Pix courtesy of Ara Damansara resident
(File pix) A view of a site at Citta Mall. Pix courtesy of Ara Damansara resident