KUALA LUMPUR: Ever since there were talks and sighting of a python around his neighbourhood in Seri Kembangan, OKU Network president Davedian Koh was determined to do something.

“I prayed to capture the snake as a birthday gift to myself which falls today (July 25). So, weeks earlier, I applied to the Wildlife and National Parks Department for a licence to capture it,” he said when met yesterday.

Koh said when he saw shreds of snake skin around the bungalow which served as a home for the OKU Network members, he knew the snake was already inside the house and he had to catch it.

He said he sighted the snake around 1.30am this morning in the power storage area.

“I tried to grab the tail but it tried to strike at me. I went for the neck, caught it and then the snake curled on my left leg,” he said adding that it was his first encounter with a reptile.

Asked if he was afraid, Koh replied: “I just wanted to protect my people. I will do anything for them.”

The three-storey bungalow which Koh occupies houses more than 10 people and is open to its 750 members daily.

Koh then proudly showed two medals awarded by the organisation for his bravery in helping and fighting for the rights of the disabled.

“I would like to dedicate this to our advisor the late Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Kim. I wanted to capture the snake for my birthday. It’s a miracle, an answer to my prayers,” he said.

He said at the moment he was planning to adopt the reptile but acknowledged that he will need a licence from the authorities to do so.

Koh, who suffers from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and obsessive compulsive disorder, said he could only decide better after having his medications and sleep since he had not slept the whole day.

“Without the medication and sleep, I will start to hallucinate,” said Koh.