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PLUS Traffic Monitoring Centre.

SUBANG JAYA: SELF-discipline and maintaining good behaviour from a young age, are important values that Malaysians should inculcate in order to develop a progressive and peaceful nation.

Plus Malaysia Bhd (PLUS) Ronda officer Lance Corporal Dahalan Dahaman believed that by showing these values to the younger generation, society would be able to inculcate respect and tolerance among all.

The overhang issue in the country could be resolved if property prices are reduced, says CBRE | WTW managing director Foo Gee Jen.

“As a member of the older generation who maintains discipline and good behaviour, I will always show these examples to the younger generation and the people whom I meet every day.

“When I show such examples, I believe they would learn from my example and this will indirectly instil a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere among the society.

“I have been applying this in PLUS since day one and when I show respect to people, they will feel happy and they will show respect to me as well,” said the 58-year-old who has been working for PLUS for 15 years.

The former Royal Malaysian Air Force soldier and from Perlis said he enjoys working for PLUS as he can meet a lot of people with different characters every day and if the road users needed help from him, he will help them until their problems were solved.

Dahalan, who patrols the Shah Alam to Nilai PLUS highways, hopes that those who have the intention to “destroy” the existing peace and harmony in the country change their behaviour.

“We have achieved independence and we do not need anyone to ruin the existing peace in the country.

“I urge those who have such intentions to start respecting one another so that we can continue maintaining the peace and harmony that our forefathers have fought for.

 “As Malaysians, we should be proud with the achievements that we are currently enjoying. Some countries are envious with what we have because we are a multi-religious and multi-cultural, they do not have such privileges,” he added.

Owner of Hot Kambing stall, Nor Aman Karap, 39, has been practicing the Good Behaviour and Morality pillar of the Rukun Negara in his business.

“We should show respect and be kind to people. I treat my customers and suppliers nicely because I believe that if we treat them with respect, they will likewise do the same to you.

(PLUS) Ronda officer Lance Corporal Dahalan Dahaman/Nor Aman Karap

“Customers will return to our stall and we, as the business owner, can get some discounts from the suppliers. PLUS has given me this great opportunity and I would like to thank them for this. Without them, my business would not be successful as it is today,” he said.

Nor Aman’s stall is located at the Rawang R&R and he has been operating the business for about four years.

He said business has been good since day one. “I gave the customers free one lamb meat upon their first purchase and thank God, my business has been running smoothly since then. I am happy because I managed to get good sales on the first day my shop opened. 

“PLUS provides a lot of space and opportunity for people to learn how to operate a business. It is not just a matter of profits, from we have learnt knowledge on operating our business,” he told the New Straits Times.

PLUS Governance Risk and Compliance Department head Satpal Singh Dadar Singh hopes that Malaysians will continue to remain united.

 The 37-year-old said he applies the Rule of Law pillar of the Rukun Negara for his work in PLUS as the road concessionaire was required to abide with the nation’s laws and industry regulations and he was proud to be a part of the PLUS family.

Satpal Singh Dadar /Nesavanan Abadiar.

“The government has a huge plan in stopping bribery and corruptions in the country. At PLUS we are responsible to uphold integrity, and practise anti-bribery and anti-corruption. This is an important mind set for everyone who is working under PLUS to be part of the nation building agenda.

“I personally support the move. The PLUS highway is the heart beat for Malaysia which connects everyone together. PLUS cares a lot about their employees, customers and stakeholders, regardless their backgrounds,” said Satpal who has been serving PLUS for about four months.

Meanwhile, 31-year-old Nesavanan Abadiar, believed that upholding the first Rukun Negara pillar which is Belief in God, is key to leading others to respect and abide with the following pillars. 

He said Malaysia is unique as it is diverse and people can practice any religion or beliefs they chose as long as it does not create chaos to the country. 

"Firstly, believing in God plays a crucial part in our lives. There are some who do not practice or believe in any religion but, that is up to them. 

"As long as they instill good moral values in themselves and do not create any friction in this country, that is good enough. I think that if an individual believes in the first Rukun Negara pillar, the person will automatically abide with the rest of the pillars," said the Change Management Office senior management executive. 

Nesavanan, who has been with PLUS for five months, said every day before the PLUS' employees begin with their jobs, they will always start off with a prayer, according to own beliefs.

"Work is an acts of worship...if you believe in God, every minute at work, you have to treat everyone nicely. Whatever things that we do here in PLUS is a like an act of worship. 

"We have to treat our work as something that is "halal". Be nice and good to others and good deeds will return to you. 

"Not only for the company, but also we all should serve the same way to the community and our customers as our goal is to develop a better country," he said, adding that Merdeka and Malaysia Day is an opportunity for Malaysians to celebrate one significant occasion together.




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