The ‘KRI Bima Suci 945’will dock at the National Hydrography Centre in Pulau Indah, Selangor, for three days. PIC COURTESY OF THE INDONESIAN EMBASSY

KUALA LUMPUR: ONE of the world’s largest naval training sail ships will arrive at Malaysian shores tomorrow.
     The KRI Bima Suci 945, which is on its annual training routine across the Asia-Pacific, will dock at the National Hydrography Centre in Pulau Indah, Selangor, for three days.

Indonesian embassy naval attaché Colonel (Navy) R. Lilik Asmoro said KRI Bima Suci 945 was part of its overseas task force, codenamed “Kartika Jala Krida”.

“The mission is to train 83 cadets (72 men and 11 women) from the Naval Academy for 96 days. This is an annual mission to give experience and training to the cadets on ship handling, especially navigation,” he told the New Straits Times.

Noteworthy is the presence of Royal Malaysian Navy cadets, who are sailing with the KRI Bima Suci 945 from Brunei to Pulau Indah.

“This purpose is to build connectivity and share experiences between the young naval cadets from both countries.”

The KRI Bima Suci 945 left Surabaya in Indonesia on Aug 5.

Its 96-day journey included stops in Manila (Philippines), Osaka (Japan), Busan (South Korea), Shanghai (China), Brunei, Port Klang, Phuket (Thailand), Yangon (Myanmar), Padang and Benoa (Indonesia), and Darwin (Australia) before returning to Surabaya.

Lilik said apart from the media familiarisation tour upon arrival tomorrow, the Gita Jala Taruna Drum Flute band would provide a cultural marching band display at the Kuala Lumpur City Centre’s waterfront in the evening.

“The ship will be open to public viewing from 10am till 5pm, during its three-day stopover in Malaysia,” said Lilik.

He added that the KRI Bima Suci 945 was commanded by Lieutenant-Colonel (Navy) S.H. Waluyo, while the Kartika Jala Krida training unit was led by Lieutenant-Colonel Afrilian Sukarno Timur.

The KRI Bima Suci 945 was launched by Indonesia navy chief Admiral TNI Siwi Sukma Adji on Aug 5 at its Eastern Fleet’s Dermaga Ujung Komando Armada II.

The NST learnt that the voyage was part of Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s aim of building greater cordial ties with neighbouring maritime nations, as well as to promote the republic’s tourism sector and attract foreign investment.

It is understood that Joko wanted to impart the “Global Fulcrum Maritime Brotherhood” diplomacy as a main component of Indonesia’s national defence.

Indonesian embassy counsellor Agung Cahaya Sumirat said the KRI Bima Suci 945 was one of the highest mast sailboats owned by the Indonesian navy, besides KRI Dewaruci. It was built at the Freire Shipyard in Vigo, Spain, in 2016, before being commissioned into the Indonesian navy in September 2017.

The KRI Bima Suci 945 has a length of 111.20m, beam (width) of 13.65m, draft (depth) of 5.95m and a 49m-tall mast from the upper deck surface.

The three-mast Bark (Barque) ship has 26 sails with a total sail area of 3,352sq m. It is powered by a 1,000 revolutions per minute/1,290 kW engine that can travel up to 15 knots. The ship can accommodate up to 209 personnel, comprising 35 officers, 73 sailors and 101 cadets.