Natura chief executive officer Aiman Manan with Ganesh Murthi, whose delivery business boomed after a Facebook post by the former went viral. PIC BY SYARAFIQ ABD SAMAD

WHEN businessman Aiman Manan decided to pen a post on Facebook to help promote the delivery business run by a determined young chap by the name of Ganesh Murthi for making a very good first impression, he never expected such a post would garner so much attention and interest.

To date, the post, which was put up on Oct 11 with a picture of Aiman and Ganesh posing together outside the former’s office for a delivery pick-up, has amassed close to 9,000 likes, 750 comments and 3,000 shares.

“To be honest, we were surprised by the public’s response to the post. We are very humbled and appreciate the words of
encouragement and support penned in the comments section by our fellow Malaysians,” Aiman said.

Ganesh, 26, echoed Aiman’s comments, saying he had been overwhelmed by the support.

“I have gotten so many messages and calls since the post went viral. Not only are people praising Aiman for acknowledging my work ethic, perseverance and diligence, but many wanted to engage me for my delivery services and I am very thankful. Especially so to Aiman, for helping me to turn things around literally overnight thanks to the Facebook post of his.”

In the post, Aiman, 30, the chief executive officer of Natura, a healthcare and supplements company, highlighted how he met Ganesh by chance a few months ago when he ordered some food via GrabFood.

Ganesh was the delivery rider, and even though it was the first time they met, Aiman admired Ganesh’s politeness, honesty, efficiency and ability to upsell his own services, which was highlighted in the post.

“I was very impressed, as not only was he on time, but he was very polite and soft-spoken. He was also forthcoming and bold.

“In the short conversation that we had, he told me that he just set up his own company, GRS Delivery Service, to supplement his income and he invited me to try it out, which I did.

“We crossed-checked on the first few deliveries that he did and our customers were very pleased with him, as they too noted that he was on time, courteous and polite.

“He would update us on the status of the delivery if he was held up due to bad weather or traffic, or if he could not reach the customer when he arrived at the destination, and his charges are very reasonable at that,” Aiman said.

Ganesh’s will and determination to succeed stemmed from the fact that he had a tough time growing up.

He is adamant about providing his family with a better life by doing all he can in terms of jobs and earnings.

“My father left us when we were very young. My mother was a housewife who never went to school because she came from a very poor background and was therefore initially unable to work.

“But we were very lucky to have an uncle who looked out for us and helped us as much as he could.

“But he was a taxi driver and was not earning much. I only studied up to Form Three and had to work to help support the family, but this was a sacrifice that I was willing to make, being the eldest of four siblings.”

Ganesh, who is from Puchong, Selangor, said working at McDonald’s for eight years as a delivery rider helped shape his character, attitude and work ethic.

“When I dropped out of school, that was the only job I could get with a decent salary and benefits.

“And I was lucky to have good supervisors and managers during my time working there who taught me to always be polite, courteous, humble and to give my best no matter what.

“That is how I learnt to be a better person and I am very grateful to them and Aiman as thanks to their advice, generosity and humility, I now have my own delivery business which will hopefully prosper in time.

“Hopefully, it will enable me to better provide for my family, especially my mother who has sacrificed so much for us.”