Twitter user @dancingfool75 posted the picture which has now gone viral.

A PHOTOGRAPH of a white fluffy animal has made some Twitter users go bananas as they adjust their sights, rotate their phones upside down and even sideways to figure out what it really was.

This, in 2020's episode of the ever popular social media game of "what do you see", which can be traced back to the blue and black or white and gold dress debate.

Twitter user @dancingfool75 posted an “optical illusion” photograph of an animal on Feb 3 driving Twitter wild, garnering 13,000 retweets and 43,000 likes within a few days.

Known simply as Lesley, she left a brief caption by simply saying, “This really messed with my head for a few minutes before I realised...”, leaving Twitter users bewildered as they took some time trying to make out what “deformed” animal it was.

What can you see? Look closely and you will see the ‘real’ picture.

The popular Cheezburger site wrote that many users claimed to see some sort of evil horse-pig hybrid monster while others saw a deformed or possessed goat.

Many left hilarious comments while some expressed horror.

But they were relieved when it was revealed that it was actually a white dog which was lying with its head up, its nose and mouth were mistaken as ears and vice versa.

User @SmokersLung2014 wrote, “Got me for a good 5 minutes there. I thought it was a deformed baby goat.”

Twitter user @mike_staffie said, “I can't see what everyone can see. It's definitely a goat monster type thing.”

Meanwhile @roguestormtv commented, “Everything is the opposite as it appears, nothing is the opposite as it appears!! Lol. Good one!!!