Miguel Lim (left) and Jinnie Siew spending their Valentine’s Day surrounded by cats. - NSTP/MUSTAFFA KAMAL

KUALA LUMPUR: When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, most of us will try our best to be as creative as possible to show how much we love our partners. But no matter how creative, a date usually involves two. Three's a crowd they say, regardless of how loved "Janet, Jack and Chrissy" were.

However, have you ever considered making it two plus 20, with a side order of fur?

For a couple from Singapore, Adele Ng, 33, and Xavier Yue, 35, both decided to spend their Valentine’s Day with their favourite furry animal at the Purradise Cat Café in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, here.

It was their second time celebrating the day of love together and they decided to spend it with almost 20 rescued cats at the café.

The two often travel together to other states in Malaysia, but this is the first time they were in Kuala Lumpur.

Xavier Yue (left) and Adele Ng from Singapore at the Purradise Cat Café. - NSTP/MUSTAFFA KAMAL

Xavier found the place based on a search online and decided to bring Adele here.

“We love cats but we are not planning to have any kind of pets soon.

“This is a good way to spend quality time together and finally, with the cats which we plan to have but not in the near future, maybe after having kids,” he said.

Adele, who enjoyed spending time with the cats, said that they have been dating for over a year and that Xavier was a good travel planner. As for Xavier, he said he loves Adele for her kind and supportive nature.

Meanwhile, Miguel Lim, 23, and Jinnie Siew choose the café for their first date today.

They are both studying at a private university and met during an assignment and Jinnie said she was attracted to Miguel’s outspoken nature.

Miguel Lim (left) and Jinnie Siew spending their Valentine’s Day surrounded by cats. - NSTP/MUSTAFFA KAMAL

While Miguel said he was instantly smitten by the 22-year-old Jinnie due to her honesty and independent nature.

They both decided to spend time at the cat café, due to its relaxed environment where they can just be themselves.

Jinnie said the fact that the cats were all rescued made her even more interested to visit the place with Miguel, as they both have dogs as pets at their respective hometowns.

“We are not able to have a cat at the university accommodation and I never had a pet cat, same as Miguel, so this is the best place to just hang out,” she said.

When asked what their idea of an ideal date was, both responded with the same answer saying spending quality time with the person they like.