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Mr Oh Kam Yew and wife, Wong Siew Hong and their first daughter, Luna Oh. -NSTP/FARAH SOLHI

KUALA LUMPUR: The day to celebrate love brings twice the joy for couples who welcomed their bundles of joy today.

For businessman, Affaro Salim, 39, the birth of his first daughter at Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur today makes Valentine’s Day a little bit more special for him and his family of five.

“My wife and I have been married for 8 years now, and we have been blessed with four boys.

“There are no words to express how happy we feel with the birth of our first baby girl. We have been looking forward to having a baby girl for a very long time.

”We’re also blessed by the fact that the arrival of our first baby girl was on a Friday, a holy day for the Muslims,” he said.

Affaro said the birth of his daughter also brought happiness to the extended members of their family.

“Our family members were very excited and even began calling the baby as ‘Valentine’s baby’, as she was born on Valentine’s Day.

“As my wife was admitted on Thursday, February 13, some of our friends had jokingly advised my wife to wait until the clock strikes midnight to begin any procedure to induce the delivery so that she can deliver a Valentine baby,” he said jokingly.

He said the family was thinking of naming the newest addition to the family Aisha.

Affaro and his wife, Saida Abu Bakar, 38, also reminisced the time when their sons were informed that they would be a having a baby sister.

“We believe, they are very excited to have a girl in their team.

“They had always been talking excitedly of having a baby sister throughout my wife’s pregnancy, they even debated on finding the perfect name for the baby,” he said.

The special day also blessed, Oh Kam Yew, 31 and his wife, Wong Siew Hong, 31, with a daughter.

The couple, still in their honeymoon phase were overjoyed to become first-time parents.

”I feel so blessed and grateful for the birth of our first child, a daughter.

“We are naming her Luna. We both feel that this birth was truly a precious Valentine's Day gift for us,” he said.

Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur today saw the arrival of six ‘Valentine babies’.

While parents nationwide were over the moon with their newborns, lovebirds through out the country began a new phase of their life by tying the knot on Valentine’s day.

Checks with the National Registration Department (NRD) showed a total of 119 couples tied the knot, with Sarawak recording the highest number of 42 new marriages, today.

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