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This photo combination made from a viral video shows the doctor shouting at a patient.
This photo combination made from a viral video shows the doctor shouting at a patient.

KUALA LUMPUR: A video clip has gone viral in which a government doctor attached with a health clinic in Rasah, Negri Sembilan lost his cool and shouted at a patient.

In the 28-second video clip, the doctor, who appeared to be visibly upset and irritable as he shouted at a patient and her companion, believed to be her father, to either wait or leave the consultation room.

“After I settle this patient! You can wait or not? If you cannot wait get out!” the doctor was heard saying to the duo as one of them recorded the confrontation.

”Yeah you made a mistake, how long you want me to wait? No I cannot wait,” one of the duo retorted.

The person recording then weighed in by asking the doctor, ”So you are a government doctor is it? Come show me your face? You are a government doctor? Today you will go viral,” said the patient.

“Yes. Just do it, do whatever you want,” the doctor replied.

The patient has since kept to her word of uploading the video and even wrote an explanation as to what she alleged had taken place.

In the Facebook post, the woman who shared the footage said she had cough and flu, and went to the clinic at 7.10pm, was made to through the normal procedure afterwhich she headed to the consultation room.

“After waiting for about 15 minutes, the doctor called my number. I went in and was told that I was having cough and flu. At first, he didn't even take the initiative to come forward to check my breathing with his stethoscope. So he told me he'd give me cough medicine.

"Then at the pharmacy counter, they called my number and gave me flu and diarrhea medication.

"So I told the pharmacist that I didn't have diarrhea, I had cough. So she told me, the doctor didn't prescribe that medicine in the system. Then she told me to go see the doctor again. So I went to meet him again and asked him.

“He replied 'go tell her la'. So I went to tell the pharmacist again, so she told me to wait. Fine, I waited for about another 15 minutes. After that, the pharmacist called my name again and told me to meet the doctor again and ask him to update the prescription in the system.

“So, me and my dad went in. My dad asked him why couldn't he prescribe proper medication, and he shouted. This is the proof of how he shouted at the patient just for asking for the right medicine,” wrote the patient.

The video clip has since gone viral and attracted all sorts of responses from netizens.

One netizen, Grace Cassilda Cindy Terry, wrote a response to the video on Facebook which read, “ Please fine the person who has viralled this #KKM (Health Ministry), I support that doctor. If the one taking this video cannot wait for his or her turn, then just go. No need to take video. This doctor is just doing his job,” she wrote.

Another netizen known as Tyne Mint wrote, “Yeah... the person recording is the one at fault. Not the doctor. You cannot just run into the room and demand service. They can sue you for trespassing. Like literally, your filming will be used against you.”

Sherlock Goh on the other hand questioned the patient for not revealing her face.

“The doctor dares to be recorded and show his face. The one who is recording, you don’t show your face?”

Aaron Chung wrote and suggested that if one cannot wait then one should seek medical consultation at a private clinic or hospital.

“Government clinics are inexpensive. If something is cheap then it is understood that you will have to wait. If you want fast service, then go to a private clinic then. Overall, I respect this doctor. He became more stressed because of the one recording the video. Drop a like on this comment if you agree.”

While many supported the doctor, there were also netizens who backed the patient.

Meanwhile, Negri Sembilan Health Department in its response on Facebook said an initial investigation has been conducted over the incident and the matter has been settled amicably between both parties.

"Negri Sembilan Health Department urges the public not to speculate against any party involved in the incident and to seek for an official statement from the department or Health Ministry.

"Any complaints with regards to services provided should be forwarded through the official channel provided.

"Please be reminded that taking photographs or recording videos at health facilities without permission are prohibited.

"The prohibition must be adhered to by everyone to ensure safety and privacy of other patients who are seeking treatments at the health facilities."

The department added that it welcomed suggestions from the public on ways to improve its services.

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