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KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad should look at himself first before branding others as infidels, said Pas Ulama chief.

Datuk Mahfodz Mohamed when contacted said the Pakatan Harapan chairman "dah lebih sangat" (too much) by branding people including muftis and Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang as infidels.

In refuting Dr Mahathir's statement on Wednesday saying that Hadi was an infidel for supposedly working with Umno, Mahfodz said the former prime minister was wrong as the Islamist party has no plans to have political cooperation with Umno.

"The claim that Pas is with Umno is wrong. In both the party's central and Syura Council levels, there had never been any discussion about Pas wanting to join Umno.

"We have no political cooperation with Umno. What we have with Umno is only what we call 'taawun', coming together in issues that involve interests of Islam and Muslims like Rohingya, Palestine and latest Baitulmaqdis (Jerusalem).

"Political cooperation between Pas and Umno will not happen, because we had tried it once but failed, as Umno then only wanted to be with us when they were weak but kicked us out when they had regained strength. The bitter experience was enough for us, we will not fall into the same hole twice," he told the New Straits Times.

Earlier, Dr Mahathir when speaking to reporters after a forum in Putrajaya, claimed that Hadi was a 'kafir' and traitor to Muslims for supposedly working with Umno.

Mahfodz said Dr Mahathir should leave matters of Islamic laws (hukum) to muftis as Muslims are not supposed to issue 'fatwa' on their own.

"Mahathir himself has no religious background, and he was the one who did many anti-Islam moves and now he wants to brand others as infidels.

"He should 'muhasabah' (look at) himself first before calling others kafir. Look at his own values. As a Muslim, especially when it comes to religious rulings, one should not go overboard."

Touching about Dr Mahathir pinning blame on the Memali incident on 'Amanat Haji Hadi' issued by Hadi in the 1980s, Mahfodz said that Hadi's statement then fitted the situation.

He claimed that Umno at that time, which was under Dr Mahathir's leadership, was strongly attacking Islam including Pas.

Mahfodz also questioned why Dr Mahathir raised the issue now when Amanat Haji Hadi was no longer in use by the party.

He said Dr Mahathir, who was also the prime minister when Hadi issued the mandate in 1981, had the authority to refer Hadi's statement to the muftis and National Fatwa Council then.

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