(File pix) The most unfavourable zone is South, so avoid having TVs, computers and laptops in this area.

THE year 2018 has just started and for those who are still deciding what to do with their homes to attract high energy level, they may start by looking at the different zones within the home.

If you ask Feng shui practitioners, they will tell you that the best zones this year are East and Southeast, because those are where you will find the energy of prosperity.

The elements that support the energy of prosperity are fire and wood. Hence, it would be a good idea to have objects like a television (TV), a few flower pots, candles or scented sticks placed in those areas.

If there are windows in the South or Southeast zones, make sure that the areas are tidy and clean, and most importantly, keep them bright.

The most unfavourable zone is South; it is believed that this area may bring bad luck. Top on the list of objects to avoid placing in this area are TVs, computers and laptops.

It is said that the unfavourable energy from South is earth energy, and to remedy this, it must be consumed and the best elements to consume it are metal and water. Some experts suggested placing metal bells and a black, round bowl, filled with water and salt. They said the salt has the remarkable effect of attracting negative energies. The water in the bowl should be changed once a week.

Other area affected by negative energy is the Southwest zone. One must be careful with their financials or their personal self as it may bring forth legal problems. To remedy the situation, place wood and water elements. A bamboo plant in water is a good idea and the more you have of it, the better it will be.

The centre of the house is dominated by a positive energy that mostly supports children and their education. Find out where the centre of the house is and take every step to ensure that it is open, airy, bright, clean and comfortable.