PCM deputy-president Datuk Huan Cheng Guan (centre) said RM50,000 worth of flags, banners, shirts, caps and other paraphernalia could not be used. Pic by NSTP/RAMDZAN MASIAM

BUTTERWORTH: Parti Cinta Malaysia has apologised to its supporters for the lack of party flags and banners on the streets.

PCM deputy-president Datuk Huan Cheng Guan said RM50,000 worth of flags, banners, shirts, caps and other paraphernalia could not be used.

The items could not be used as they showed the party’s new logo, he added.

Apprently, the new logo had not been “updated” in the Election Commission (EC)’s list of political party symbols.

Huan lamented that his party had sent a letter to the Registrar of Societies (RoS) on its new logo, but the RoS did not inform the EC.

“That was stupid of RoS, even though I had been given the approval by them since October last year. It is also regrettable that the EC also did not take any action.

“It would be too expensive to reprint the flags and banners now, not too mention that few printers would accept the job order on such short notice,” he told reporters today.

Huan is also trying to limit his election expenses to RM120,000.

The limits on campaign spending for every candidate is RM200,000 for a parliamentary seat and RM100,000 for a state seat.

PCM will now rely on its old stock of flags and banners instead.

Huan noted that PCM still has about 600 flags, which he would have to share with party member R. Manikandan, who will contest the Air Putih state seat.

Huan will challenge DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng in a three-cornered fight alongside MCA’s Datuk Lee Beng Seng and Koay Xing Boon of the Malaysian United Party (MU).

On another note, Huan said he would conduct his campaign by wearing the shirt with the words “Bungalow dan Terowong” (Bungalow and Tunnel).

Huan had wore the same shirt on nomination day.

He said this was to remind Lim that the latter owed an explanation on both issues to the Penang people.

The 7.2km undersea tunnel had raised numerous controversies in recent months, especially on the high cost of the RM305 million feasibility studies as well as the 24-month delay in completing it.

As part of its investigation, the MACC had raided the State Secretary Office, state Public Works Department, state Valuation Department and state Land and Mines Department here earlier this year. It is also learnt that several other private companies had also been raided.

On the bungalow issue, Lim was charged in a corruption trial with using his position to obtain for himself a plot of land and a bungalow, located at No 25, Jalan Pinhorn, George Town, from businesswoman Phang Li Koon for RM2.8 million.

It was alleged that he knew the price did not commensurate with the property’s then market value of RM4.27 million.

Lim was charged with committing the offence while chairing the State Planning Committee meeting at the operations room, Level 28, Komtar building on July 18, 2014.