Public support not a license to commit wrongdoings, DAP told

March 7, 2018 @ 6:12PM

KUALA LUMPUR: MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong has chided Lim Guan Eng for “not daring” to debate him on the Penang undersea tunnel scandal.

Wee said Lim had come out with five pages of excuses not to accept the debate.

However, he said the actual reason was the Penang chief minister knew that he “would lose badly.”

“I am surprised with the length of his press statement which runs five pages long in trying to justify his cowardice not to accept my challenge to a debate.

“He can write 50 or 500 more pages of excuses but the fact remains that he is not brave enough to publicly debate me on the scandal which involves up to RM20 billion of losses to the Penang people,” he said in a statement.

Wee said despite exchanging press statements over the tunnel scandal for over a month, Lim had suddenly deemed it was inappropriate to accept the debate with a deputy president of the MCA.

“Lim knows that unlike using press statements, his previous illogical answers on the scandal would not stand up to scrutiny during a live public debate and he would have been ridiculed.

“This is why he refuses to debate and prefers to write a very long statement of excuses instead,” he said.

Wee said Malaysians had been rocked by arrests after arrests by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) that they had started to realise the size and scale of the corruption, lies and wrong-doings involving the project.

“The latest revelation was that RM22-million was paid by the tunnel special project vehicle in an effort to stop the MACC investigation into corruption.

“Malaysians are now asking how much bigger is the actual corruption if RM22 million was paid just to try and cover it. Despite this growing scandal which is the worst in Penang's history, Lim still refuses to come clean,” he said.

Wee said it looked as though Lim did not understand that the tunnel issue had nothing to do with partisan politics but was about him in the capacity of the Chief Minister of Penang and his management of billions in state assets and funds.

Wee said the DAP should throw out their claims to be transparent considering Lim did not dare to even answer a minister’s queries.

“If he cannot he do that, what chance does the man in the street have of getting an honest explanation from him?” he asked.

Wee also hit out at Deputy Chief Minister II P. Ramasamy's statement arguing that his boss should not accept the debate challenge because DAP had greater public support during GE13 compared to MCA.

He said Ramasamy should realise that having public support did not mean it was a license for DAP leaders to commit wrong-doings, be corrupted or act arrogantly.

“I understand that it is Ramasamy's job to please his boss but he should be reminded that DAP leaders cannot try and hide behind public support if they were involved in corruption.”

Wee said he was ready to debate Lim in any language and continue to expose how DAP's corrupt practises over the project alone had resulted in current and potential losses in the tens of billions to the Penang people.

(File pix) MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong has chided Lim Guan Eng for “not daring” to debate him on the Penang undersea tunnel scandal.