Watch: Ferocious Seremban policewoman slaps two men 10 times, roughs them up

March 8, 2018 @ 10:20AM

KUALA LUMPUR: A plainclothes policewoman has been caught on video repeatedly slapping two men at a restaurant in Mantin, Seremban on March 4.

The 97-second-long video shows the policewoman, who is a member of the police volunteer reserve (PVR), assaulting the two men, who are believed to be Indian nationals.

One of the men appears to be handcuffed to her by his left wrist.

The officer, who is attached to the Seremban district police headquarters, can be heard yelling at the men in Punjabi, saying that she had warned them not to create trouble.

As she yells at the two men, she is seen slapping them a total of 10 times.

While others try to calm her down, calling her "aunty", she tells them "I am not anybody's aunty", adding, "I had previously warned you to stay out of trouble!"

The video of the incident, which has since gone viral, is currently being probed after the PVR officer herself lodged a report.

According to an English daily, the officer lodged a report claiming that the men had uttered profanities towards her, which prompted her to slap them.

She said she went to the restaurant after two other Indian nationals claimed that one of the men had taken their passports and some money.

The officer's account has been corroborated by statements from sources quoted by another English daily in its report on Tuesday, March 6.

However, authorities have been urged to act against the officer for taking the law into her own hands.

While Seremban OCPD Assistant Commissioner Thiew Hock Poh confirmed that the woman is a PVR officer based in Seremban, the case is being investigated by the Nilai police district because the incident occurred in Mantin.

Meanwhile, netizens are urging the police to act against the officer for reacting in the manner that she did. – SAYS.COM

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(File pix) Screengrab from a Facebook video shows a woman roughing up a man at a restaurant. Pix from Gurcharan Singh Facebook account
(File pix) Screengrab from a Facebook video shows a man, handcuffed, trying to avoid getting slapped by a woman at a restaurant. Pix from Gurcharan Singh Facebook account