#Showbiz: Sensual scene is essential, says director of Get Hard: Tongkat Ali Kasi Keras

March 8, 2018 @ 2:03PM
By Tahir Alhamzah

KUALA LUMPUR: The director of a local Mandarin film which uses erectile dysfunction as its central subject says that sensual scenes are vital in the film.

In a news report by Harian Metro recently, director Chan Wei Cheong said that such scenes were important for the comedy Get Hard: Tongkat Ali Kasi Keras which uses the sexual-related health condition as its content.

“We were initially sceptical to include those scenes as they might not augur well with conservative viewers.

“However, we decided to just go ahead as without the scenes, we might not achieve the film’s objective of highlighting the issue,” said Chan during the recent gala screening of the movie.

The director was also thankful that in the end, only one scene had been snipped by the Film Censorship Board (LPF).

Get Hard: Tongkat Ali Kasi Keras tells the story of Wen Hu, a young man deemed as “Mr Perfect” by many. What his admirers don't know is that the handsome lad suffers from erectile dysfunction.

Wen Hu needs to solve his problem within 30 days, since his ailing mother wants him to get married by that time.

The film, which opens in cinemas today stars JC Chee (of Ola Bola fame), Juwei Teoh and Sarah Lian.

(File pix) JC Chee, director Chan Wei Cheong and actress Juwei Teoh. Pix from @jc_chee Instagram account
(File pix) Get Hard: Tongkat Ali Kasi Keras poster as shared by the star of the film, JC Chee. Pix from @jc_chee Instagram account