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Go to and for more details. Good luck, all!

CALLING all writers, including schoolchildren, university students and the public. There are cash prizes totalling RM27,000 for winners of an essay competition.

The competition carries two themes. The first one is “War is a Crime” and the second one is “Science for Peace”.

The competition is jointly organised by the Perdana Global Peace Foundation (PGPF) and

The two entities decided to organise the competition as part of a national drive to create more awareness of the dangers of war and what science can do for peace.

Hurry up if you want to match your writing skill with others and grab the prizes offered.

The competition is held to commemorate the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s World Science Day for Peace and Development on Nov 10.

It is hoped that writers would promote the theme through their use of English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Let the statistics speak: 35 million people were casualties of World War 1 (deceased and wounded); 60 million in World War 2; one million in the Korean war and 3 million in the Vietnam war.

You can dispute the numbers, but the fact remains that war
is a savage manifestation of
human attempts to solve conflicts.

PGPF is heading the call to make everyone realise that war is a crime and the perpetrators ought to be taken to task and brought to justice.

In recent times, the Bosnian ethnic cleansing led to more than 200,000 casualties, Rwanda took another one million, Iraq another one million, while the numbers
in the Syrian and Yemen
conflicts run into hundreds
of thousands more and still counting.

So writers, put on your thinking cap and start writing. Send your entries on or before Nov 29.
Winners will be announced on Dec31. Submit your pieces to [email protected]

For university students and the public, first prize winners (of both English and Bahasa Malaysia subcategories) will get RM5,000, RM3,000 for second place and RM1,000 for third place. The theme, articulated in not more than 2,500 words, is criminalising war with the emphasis on how do we move forward in a world without aggression. There will be six winners under this category.

For secondary school students, first prize winners will get RM2,000, second (RM1,500) and third (RM1,000). The theme, Science for Peace, should be discussed in not more than 1,500 words. This category will have six winners (for English and Bahasa Malaysia).

If you have enquiries, contact Nuh Izuddin at 03-2092 7248, or email [email protected], and Hasfazilah binti Hassan at 012-500 1051 or email [email protected].

Go to and for more details. Good luck, all!

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