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From experience, I know that in order to get results in any endeavour, you must begin with a strong, solid and driven sense of purpose.

I realise this from my own life.

The times when I have been successful at something, from a business venture to my relationships with people, or from writing a book to closing a deal; it has only happened when I have understood, and got connected to my purpose for wanting it.

Literally, every attempt you make at something is going to be fraught with difficulties.

You will find all manner of obstacles littered along your way. Sometimes they are easy enough to navigate without much hassle. But on some occasions, these hurdles will be so huge that you will find it hard to surmount them.

With the work that I do, I realise that even seemingly successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals have these difficulties in their lives. They too, meet the complications that you might face.

While it may seem like everything is smooth-sailing for them, the reality is often far from that. Nothing comes that easily. They have just cracked the code and learnt to put in the requisite effort.

But, the effort is not confined to whether you can work hard enough or long enough. That is only the minimum requirement. The ability to work hard doesn’t necessarily get you past the finish line.

To cross the threshold and successfully get results, you need desire, hunger and purpose. You have to ask yourself how invested you are in the outcome of what you are doing.

The dissimilarity between the people who successfully have break-through moments, and those who capitulate under pressure and difficulty, is their purpose drive.

Your purpose drive is the only thing that keeps you focused to do whatever necessary to get results.

There are two fundamental traits that I see in people who are totally driven.

First, they are unreasonably committed, and second they are totally immersed in what they do.

Recently, I was fortunate to be invited to be a small sponsorship partner in a theater production called “The May 9 Show” by the legendary Instant Café Theatre (ICT) and its indomitable co-founder Jo Kukathas.

When the opportunity was offered, I jumped on it. ICT was an important part of my formative years with their cutting-edge political satire in a very different Malaysia. And in some ways, it was an inspiration for the Crackhouse Comedy Club that I co-founded.

I have no long term connection with this theater company or its promoters.

But for full disclosure, I must add that two of the creators of the show, Ms. Kukathas and the wonderful singing sensation Sean Ghazi are both cat lovers, and are my wife’s clients in her veterinary practice.

And, another co-creator of the production, the very enigmatic Kam Raslan and I, bump into each other regularly at a radio station that we both contribute to.

I got excited because this production resonated with everything I believe in. And, I am not talking about the political satire in the show, which incidentally is very good.

I always seek to be associated with people who exemplify what I believe in. And in this case, it is the very purpose-driven Jo Kukathas, the mainstay of the show.

To deliver a 2-hour production that has to be of immense quality, to a 200-seat audience of progressive, but critical Malaysians, is most definitely an anxiety filled task, even for someone as experienced as Ms. Kukathas. And, to do it for 10-nights surely adds another dimension of nervousness.

My wife and I were guests on the opening night. And it was spectacular. The comedy, the acting, the thought-provoking social commentary, and the music were sensational.

But more importantly for me, it was so apparent that Ms. Kukathas, Mr. Ghazi and the rest had an “unreasonable commitment” to getting the work done.

I know from the executive producers of the show, that the writers were almost irrationally committed to the result of delivering a pithy and savvy show, which truly captures the mood in Malaysia at the moment.

In the show, Ms. Kukathas plays her two legendary alter egos, YBeeee and Curry Spice. And when she takes on these roles, the physical transformation is magnificent. And after the show, my wife and I were so excited to meet Curry Spice.

No, we did not meet Ms. Kukathas, we met her alter ego.

This is what being immersed in what you do, until the very end, actually means. The most effective way to achieve any goal is by immersing yourself into the goal itself.

When you set any target, remember that its very nature requires you to change. And, your success is always proportionate to the intensity of the change you are willing to make. To create effective change, you need to totally immerse yourself into the subject, activity or work.

This is the purpose drive that brings real results. Are you, like Ms. Kukathas, unreasonably committed and willing to immerse yourself, fully?

Shankar R. Santhiram is managing consultant and executive leadership coach at EQTD Consulting. He is also the author of the national bestseller “So, You Want To Get Promoted?”

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