The rights of all Malaysians must be respected as provided under the Federal Constitution. FILE PIC

POLITICIANS who aspire to be candidates in the 14th General Election must demonstrate how they can help the country grow and care for the rakyat’s wellbeing instead of bringing up sensitive issues like race and religion in their campaign to gain votes.

Many years ago, I attended a convention in Japan, which was attended by more than 100 delegates from various countries. Each delegate was asked to go up to the podium and sing a song in their national language or the national anthem.

I could sing Rasa Sayang quite well, but I chose to sing our national anthem NegaraKu. As a true-blue Malaysian, I always chose anything Malaysian, including travelling by Malaysia Airlines for overseas trips.

People should reject politicians who use sensitive issues to gain political mileage. We must respect the rights of all Malaysians as provided under the Federal Constitution.

We are all Malaysians, regardless of our ancestry.


Subang Jaya, Selangor

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