PENTAKSIRAN Tingkatan Tiga (PT3) results were announced on Dec 14. PT3 is a school-based holistic assessment of students on a continuous basis. Schools and teachers are solely responsible for the administration of the examination, marking of exam scripts and release of results on a date fixed by the Education Ministry.

As a teacher, I have come to know that parents are much more enthusiastic and nervous about PT3 results than their children. I have observed various reactions during results announcements. For example, some parents start praying the moment teachers distribute the exam slips. Some parents cry when they learn that their children were not in the best students category. The disappointment is clear.

I do not blame them. As parents, they have most probably tried their best to provide the best guidance to their children to obtain good PT3 results.

As an educator, all I will say is that regardless of what your children scored in PT3, as a parent, do not give up or be disappointed with your children. Please continue to provide the best guidance you can and be motivators to your children. Always remember parents should be their children’s best friend.

PT3 is not the end of your children’s life. It is the beginning. It is just a public examination to determine which stream your children should be in during their upper secondary school.

Do not repeat the common mistakes many parents make. Discard the thought that your child will have a bright future if he or she is in the science stream. Do not pressure your children to be in the science stream if he or she is not inclined to core science subjects. Being unable to perform well in core science subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics, in Form Four and Form Five, will drive them to depression.

Always bear in mind that there are many students from the arts stream who are successful and have a bright future.

Last, but not least, a single written public examination that assessed holistically will never be able to determine your children’s future. I would like to congratulate all PT3 2017 candidates. You are all excellent.

Now, keep calm and start focusing on what you want to do in future. Do what makes you happy. This is your life, and the choice to shape your beautiful life is in your hands. Do not let anyone decide your future for you. Only you know what you want for your life.


Skudai, Johor

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