Ras Adiba Radzi founded OKU Sentral. FILE PIC

I WISH to thank writer Marisa Demori for her letter on how to create awareness about the disabled. I applaud your suggestions, but there are misconceptions that need to be cleared up and facts to be corrected.

First, it is unfair to generalise that we, or I, are not doing enough for the disabled.

The writer should know that we have been running programmes and activities to help them.

For example, I founded OKU Sentral, a movement “to reach out, educate, empower, inspire and rise with the OKU/PWD (persons with disability) community”.

The movement is aimed at helping the disabled to improve themselves and boost their confidence.

We have 5,586 members. I help them to find jobs, jobs that match their abilities, and prepare them for interviews.

My team and I travel all over Malaysia to motivate the disabled and their families, and encourage them to go out into the world and be independent.

We dispatch our members to the various states and constituencies to help those who are going through a rough time.

I work closely with municipalities via the Standards Department and International Islamic University’s Faculty of Architecture and Environmental Design to audit and improve accessibility for the disabled.

I am also a committee member of the National Council for the Disabled where we discuss and work with various agencies on issues such as education, health, career and transport to empower the disabled community.

I also train airline staff and various agencies and corporate bodies on equality towards the disabled. In addition, I am a Paralympic air rifle shooter and I do motivational talks. I’m not just a pretty face, I do all this and more.


Kuala Lumpur

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