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(File pix) Teachers should not be made to do clerical duties.
(File pix) Teachers should not be made to do clerical duties.

HAPPY and enthusiastic teachers are effective teachers. Though it is undeniable that salary revisions, promotions and cash incentives are important requisites, true happiness for teachers is derived from allowing them to do what they were trained to do: teach.

The primary function of teachers is teaching and no one else can substitute teachers in the classroom. We need to create a conducive environment for teachers to do their job.

The job scope of teachers entails lesson planning, selecting learning materials, evaluating and grading student work, managing student discipline and supervising extra-curricular activities.

But today, many teachers spend more time on non-teaching duties. The list of extra duties is mindless. Though these extras are related to the job, they are robbing teachers of time in less on preparation and classroom interaction.

Reducing the workload in schools is the only wish of teachers.

Teachers have too many students, too much paperwork, too little time for lesson preparation and too many meetings, courses and deadlines, causing them stress.

Many are stressed over paperwork and datelines set by the education officials.

Teachers should not be made to do clerical duties. Schools should employ clerks or teaching assistants to do the paperwork.

The clarion call in most schools is less paperwork and more time to teach, and this epitomises the grievance of teachers.

Teachers are the strongest influence on students.

Good infrastructure, equipment and facilities in schools complement good teaching.

These factors, however, cannot replace the fundamental and paramount role of teachers in classrooms.

Therefore, let teachers teach and facilitate the dissemination of knowledge, skills and experience.

Let them mould young minds, to transform characters and to develop human resource.

That is their only wish to make them truly happy with, and passionate about, their job.


Seremban, Negri Sembilan

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