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‘Upin and Ipin: Keris Siamang Tunggal’ was one of 32 animated films that were submitted for consideration in the Best Animated Feature category of the Oscars recently. FILE PIC

LETTERS: AT the recent Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California, Korean film Parasite won the Best Foreign Film award.

Directed by Korea’s prolific filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, Parasite deserves the award as it is a masterpiece philosophically written by Bong, highlighting the economic segregation of society.

As someone who loves films with social and political messages such as Parasite, I feel that 2020 will be a good year for Finas, chaired by Hans Isaac, to craft an initiative that can pull domestic filmmakers to produce philosophical films with thoughtful content in line with global standard.

Viewers do not want predictable storylines and want thought-provoking films like Parasite and The Host.

The local film industry via its governing body Finas needs a strategy to propel filmmakers like Mamat Khalid and Namron into the global scene.

We don’t want any more “village champ” movie-makers who keep winning local awards with zero contributions to viewers’ satisfaction or syiok sendiri in Malay.

Before hoping that more excellent films can be created by local movie makers, viewers have to be perceptive in rating a movie.

A “best movie” is just a fabricated reality in the world of movie-making as viewers are still unable to differentiate between good and bad films.

An artiste, especially movie- maker and songwriter, must not focus on making money.

Movie-makers like Namron do not care about pandering to the majority’s taste in films and he doesn’t make movies for the sake of making money.

Instead, the One Two Jaga creator has proved to us that brilliant movies like his do not bow to audiences who just want to scream and laugh in cinemas.

Unfortunately, talented but underrated artistes like Namron and Mamat Khalid don’t get well-deserved accolades like those who regularly screen their movies with cliched plots.

An insightful work should be true yet reflect bitter reality.


Ampang, Selangor

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