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Having good neighbours is a blessing as they can help us in our time of need. FILE PIC

LETTERS: Most people will agree that there is a decline in the spirit of neighbourliness.

These days, everyone is so busy that we barely see each other, let alone keep tabs on each other’s activities.

Sometimes, many who live in the same street pass each other by without greeting each other.

We are lucky if we live among sociable and peace-loving neighbours. These neighbours are normally quiet, friendly and trustworthy.

They will handle situations maturely. Having a good neighbour is a blessing. Sometimes they even look after our needs and comfort.

Neighbours who respect each other bring peace to the neighbourhood. Respectful neighbours are less likely to be loud and rowdy.

It is unfortunate if we live next to a touchy, irritable lot who have uncompromising attitudes.

They may like slamming doors, having loud arguments and play loud music or have the television on at a high volume.

Sometimes, the behaviour of these inconsiderate neighbours leads to conflicts.

In fact, their attitude makes life stressful.

There is a saying, “Good fences make good neighbours”. Many of us do not know our neighbours’ names, let alone their children’s names.

Many feel that the thin line that separate us as neighbours should be there forever.

Only a few mingle with neighbours and participate in an event like gotong-royong or environmental programmes.

This is a reflection of the decline of the sense of pride of place. We should maintain not only good relations with our friends and relatives but also neighbours.

No one on Earth has a perfect life. No one is an island. We need others to have a better life.

As such, we should always keep in touch with friends, relatives and neighbours. They make our lives meaningful and healthier, physically and mentally.

It will be great to try and take our communities to a better level. There is so much to gain living in a good neighbourhood.

Good neighbourly communities assist in developing a strong, united and developed nation.

The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “Whoever believes in Allah and the last Day, let him not annoy his neighbours”.


Kuala Lumpur

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