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LETTERS: I refer to the article entitled “Conundrum over unpaid leave” published on March 21.

The writer stated in her article that airline staff were particularly at a disadvantage following many employers’ directive forcing them to take unpaid leave.

The article also stated that “about 13,000 Malaysia Airlines (MAS) employees were forced to take unpaid leave due to the Covid-19 pandemic”, adding that the mandate did not specify a clear end date to the unpaid leave period.

MAS wishes to clarify that the airline and its sister companies under the Malaysia Aviation Group have given its staff the option to voluntarily take five days of unpaid leave per month for at least three months, or between one to three months beginning next month.

This is in line with its reduced operations following a capacity management exercise due to Covid-19.

The writer is clearly misinformed and had mistakenly assumed that the “forced” unpaid leave is a result of the government’s Movement Control Order.

Malaysia Airlines does not appreciate any coverage or opinion that is not substantiated by facts and verified information that only serves to tarnish the company’s reputation and create negative perception through sensational reporting.


Head Group Communications, Malaysia Airlines

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the New Straits Times

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