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THE right lighting can bring any space to life. With all the different types of lighting, one trend is clear; LED is the way to go.

LED lighting products use light emitting diodes to produce light very efficiently.

According to Alex Tan, the chief marketing officer of (a home improvement services platform), LED lights are increasingly replacing conventional lighting methods.

“In the old days, a bedroom would only have a single light source, delivered from a long fluorescent tube. However, today’s homes are lighted by various sources,” he said.

For ambient lights, homeowners now prefer to use LED down lights built into the plaster ceiling, or multiple track lights. For task lighting, LED bulbs have all but replaced compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.

Although LED lights are more expensive than CFL bulbs, they provide the same cool or daylight without the higher wattage.

According to an article that first appeared on RecomN Living, a blog run by, before you start shopping for lights, it’s useful to have some basic knowledge about the types available, and how they can affect the mood of the room.

Once you know how different types of room lighting can impact your home interior, then you should find the right professional to discuss your lighting needs.

The six basic types of lighting are:


Ambient lighting from LED track lights and dining chandelier, mixed with accent lighting from floor standing lamp with wire lampshade, and under-cabinet task lighting in the kitchen. Design by Moonlit Inspiration

This is the basic or general lighting needed to illuminate a space.

Ambient lights are almost always secured to the ceiling or mounted on the wall instead of being free standing. It creates a diffuse lighting effect so as not to have any glare that can hurt the eyes.


Warm accent lighting at the top of the TV console panel wall. Design by Young Concept

Accent lighting is used to draw attention to feature walls, artwork; anything you want to highlight.

Spotlights are a form of accent lighting to show off a unique art piece or architectural design. This helps add style and visual interest to your room.


Ambient and task lighting for the kitchen. Design by MIL Design

As the name suggests, task lights are needed when you need to do a task such as eating, studying, or cooking. You also need task lighting by the bathroom mirror for shaving or putting on makeup.

Examples of task lights are desk lamps or hanging pendant lights above the dining table, or track lights installed below a kitchen cabinet to light the counter top. The purpose of adding task lights is to provide working light, while minimising shadows caused by other lighting inside the room.

Under-cabinet lights in the bathroom function as task lights to illuminate the sink area in a Kajang home. Design by Furlab Interior Design


LED lights used in TV console, cove ceiling lights, and down lights in a Cheras condo. By Hatch Design

If you want to create an artsy look while lighting up the space at the same time, adding aesthetic lighting is a good way of doing it.

More decorative than functional, these lights come in numerous designs and shapes. Some examples include neon lights or spotlights with crystal beads.


An abundance of doors help flood this living room in Sri Hartamas with lots of daylight. By Senihomes

Apart from artificial lighting, you can also renovate your home to allow for lots of natural light in the daytime. If your home has large windows or glass doors, the amount of natural sunlight entering your home during the day can offset the need for ambient lighting altogether. However, natural lighting will change throughout the day due to weather conditions, so you shouldn’t depend on it for task lighting.


Adding extra lighting on special occasions will add a whole new festive mood to the house.

For example, during Deepavali, homes will be lit by candles and lanterns. And at garden weddings, fairy lights are draped on trees and around the area to create an enchanting ambience.

Hidden wall lights and LED floor lights for a stylish staircase in Kiara View. By Hatch Design

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