Lilacs in summer time.

LILACS are surely the most romantic of spring flowers.

They are hardy and easy to grow and maintain. Depending on the variety, lilacs can grow from five to 15 feet tall.

The fragrant flowers are pretty to be arranged in vases for decoration on dining tables, in bathrooms or living areas.

Echeveria pulidonis.

In the garden they attract butterflies, making them all more eye-catching.

According to an article in Daily Mail, if you fancy planting lilacs at home, make a note of varieties that appeal to and suitable for your garden.

It said Lilacs cope with most soils, but prefer alkaline or neutral conditions. They flower profusely in sun but also perform in part shade. Once bushes are established, feeding is unnecessary and pruning can be minimal.


1. Dig a large hole and blend compost with the soil. Sprinkle in a little bonemeal or slow-release plant food as you plant to kick-start new growth.

2. Back-fill, firm the soil gently with your feet and water copiously.

3. If the shrub is tall, support it with a stake and tie for the first couple of seasons. New shrubs will benefit from regular watering during their first summer.

Lilacs are the most romantic of spring flowers.

Are lilacs suitable for the Malaysian climate? Well, the good news is that there are varieties that are bred especially for warmer climates.

Good drainage, sun, neutral-to-slightly alkaline soils will keep these lilacs happy. If your soil is in poor condition, just add some compost to enrich it.

You can mix almost any lilacs together for a harmonious show.

Lilacs need sunlight to grow and bloom well. They will not bloom if there is too much water, so make sure the site drains well.

After your lilac bush has finished blooming, spread some lime and well-rotted manure around the base. Also trim the bush to shape it.