The cost of decorating a home can be expensive.File pic
The cost of decorating a home can be expensive.File pic

EVERYBODY wants a beautifully-decorated home but not many are willing to spend much on the work towards that.

Creating your own decor is rewarding as you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself and the way you want it. Unfortunately, the cost of decorating a home can be expensive. Most houses you see in magazines and websites cost at least thousands of ringgit to decorate.

There are cheap Do-It-Yourself (DIY) home improvement ideas that you can start without breaking your bank.

You can start by listing down the things you need for your home improvement. If you find it difficult to get started on the list, visit the nearest MR.D.I.Y.

MR.D.I.Y., a homegrown enterprise, offers 14,000 types of products across 10 categories that include hardware, household, electrical and furnishing.

Not only MR.D.I.Y. has a wide range of products, they also come with the lowest price guarantee.

You can create a home improvement project that is easy and affordable, and most importantly will result in a fantastic makeover. It might turn you from an inexperienced home decorator into a home improvement expert, and soon you will be doing some work for family and friends.

The type and colour of curtains can really make or break a space in a home.
The type and colour of curtains can really make or break a space in a home.

Getting started with bigger things

For home furnishing, curtains and drapes are mandatory if you don’t want the outside world to see what you’ve got inside your home. Plus, they make a home more beautiful and admirable.

Choosing the type or colour of curtains is often an overlooked decision, but it can really make or break a space. Select colours that match your furniture. You would be able to get some nice curtains at MR.D.I.Y. and they are reasonably priced too.

Painting the walls is also part of a home improvement plan. Choose the colours wisely. You don’t want colours that are too vibrant or dull. If your home improvement project involves the entire house, then you may want to colour-coordinate.

If you are suffering from dated- looking cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as wardrobes, you may want to paint them. Given the staggering cost of new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, it’s no wonder that homeowners often turn to painting as a cost-effective alternative way of changing the look. Painting also gives you complete freedom to exercise your creative potential. What you need is a paint that is designated specifically for cabinets.

Lighting is also an important aspect of home improvement. Better lighting at home can make a dramatic difference to those living in it.Good lighting makes all the difference in a room.

Include at least three sources of light in each room. Consider scale. Table lamps are great, but do include an oversized pendant, or a big sculptural floor lamp to bring the focal point that a room requires.

Add a dimmer as it would easily change the mood and brightness of your lighting depending on the time of day.