Dekton Liquid Embers. Image Credit - Alberto Rojas

Kitchen and bathroom designs are two of the most remodeled spaces in a home and they can be expensive depending on what you require. With the money invested, you want a look that lasts and you don't want it to be dated within a few years.

The rule of thumb is being aware of the latest trends to avoid costly mistakes. You don’t necessarily have to follow the trends, but knowing what is out there in terms of the latest trends helps a lot so you can make better choices.

Cosentino, the world leader in quartz, natural stone, and recycled surface production revealed a range of stunning product designs at the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry (KBIS) show in Las Vegas that will captivate all hearts.

Cosentino North America chief executive officer Eduardo Cosentino said KBIS is the pinnacle for the kitchen and bath industry each year.

"It is a driving force in the advancement and development of kitchen and bath design. Our commitment to innovation at the forefront of technology and design fueled the development of everything we unveiled at KBIS this year," he said.

Dekton® Liquid by Patternity

Designed in collaboration with London-based pattern experts and designers PATTERNITY, the collection comprises three colours that visualise the power of liquid, offering a chance to integrate swirling, rippling and fluidity into the design experience. The three colourways - Liquid Shell, Liquid Embers and Liquid Sky - center around the beauty of nature, environmental awareness and celebrating sustainable design practice.

● Liquid Shell celebrates subtlety and softness, honoring what lies beneath the waves in the ocean and the ebb and flow that comes with the changing of currents. Liquid Shell is also inspired by the moon and its connection to the tides, a varying off-white with a rippling pattern that captures the landscape of the ocean floor.

● Liquid Embers represents a meeting point between fire and liquid. Reminiscent of magma, Liquid Embers is a dark, carbon-like design that visualizes the alchemy of the elements.

● Liquid Sky explores the movement of gravity, the interplay of the elements, and their matter. It's swirling, a cloud-like pattern of a white base with flowing gray veins pays homage to kinetic energy and perpetual motion.

Dekton Liquid Sky and Liquid Shell. Image Credit - Alberto Rojas

Dekton®Chromica by Daniel Germani

Designed in collaboration with Daniel Germani Designs, Dekton Chromica features two deeply saturated hues, Baltic and Feroe, their sleek matte finish exudes drama and sophistication drawing inspiration directly from nature’s wildest and most remote places while reflecting Mother Nature’s force and determination.

● Baltic emerges from the most daring depths of the sea, from the struggle between light and darkness to master the nuances of the ocean. A pure, aesthetic concept in dark blue that boasts a strong yet serene personality.

● Inspired by the hidden and unexplored corners of nature, Feroe combines a subdued and sophisticated character, resulting in a unique dark green hue. A tone created in harmony, it perfectly complements warm, fresh design palettes

Sensa Kitchen

Dekton® Bromo and Milar

Inspired by natural rocks, Bromo and Milar are two dark, matte shades with a soothing elegance that imbue interior and exterior decor with personality.

● Bromo is a dark blue shade, inspired by homogeneous metamorphic rocks such as slate. Subtle, faded graphics, a careful-created texture, and a natural aesthetic define this evocative colour proposal, perfect for any type of environment.

● Milar. Grey and brown colours come together to form the basis of the new Milar colour palette, giving rise to a theme inspired by oxidised and faded-looking materials. Its bright, dotted graphics and its dark, sweeping shades create a strong personality, turning it into a versatile and full-bodied colour.

Cosentino WE

In addition to its new product launches and collaborations, Cosentino announces the launch of Cosentino WE, a new international digital community that connects the various professionals who choose and endorse the Cosentino surfaces.

Cosentino We offers a range of opportunities for stonemasons, kitchen retailers, architects and designers to grow their businesses, such as better access to information, enhanced ways of experiencing the brands and products thanks to new and agile digital tools, a closer relationship with the end client, greater visibility and awareness for their projects and the creation of a dialogue among professionals from different nationalities, and even different languages.