Khairul Hazwan Wahab, who was in Hospital Sungai Buloh last week, is fighting to get back into the game.
SUNGAI BULOH 07 SEPTEMBER 2017. Atlet Paralimpik, Khairul Hazwan Wahab di Hospital Sungai Buloh susulan kemalangan yang menimpa atlet paralimpik berbasikal ketika menjalani latihan di Lebuhraya LATAR menjelang Sukan Para ASEAN 2017. NSTP/OSMAN ADNAN OSMAN ADNAN

KUALA LUMPUR: Paracyclists Mohd Khairul Hazwan Wahab and Muhammad Khairul Nizam Mohd Ali are fighting to get back to the Kuala Lumpur Asean Para Games following a road accident.

The duo are showing signs of recovery from their injuries.

According to the National Sports Institute (NSI) Facebook page, a week after being involved in the accident on the Latar Highway, the paracyclists have been given the green light to cycle on the grounds of the Malaysian contingent’s official hotel.

“I am all fired up to take part in the Asean Para Games. And this is the first time I have been allowed to cycle for about 30 minutes. Except for some slight pain due to some wounds which are healing, I am OK.

“Taking part in this sporting event is my dream, so I will press on,” said Khairul Hazwan.

Khairul Nizam is also motivated to compete, saying he is not feeling nervous after the accident.

The two injured paracyclists were among five from the national paracycling team who were victims of an accident while training on the Latar Highway last Thursday.

Mohd Nur Rizuan Zainal and Mohd Nur Syafiq Suhaimy suffered serious injuries and had to be replaced.

The road racing event of the Asean Para Games will be held in Putrajaya on Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Translated from Harian Metro

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