Datuk Amarjit Singh Gill. FILE PIC

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) vice president and anti-doping committee chairman, Datuk Amarjit Singh Gill has confirmed that a local rider has been found to have used or consumed a banned substance while taking part in the Tour de Selangor (TdS) that was held last October.

According to Amarjit, the rider has decided not to contest the outcome of the positive test results.

"We have already received a written reply from the rider after we sent him a show cause letter.

“From the contents of the letter, the rider informed us that he will not ask for a test of his B sample. However I have decided to call him up to face MNCF’s anti-doping committee because we feel it is not enough for us to make an informed, final decision,” said Amarjit who is also a lawyer by profession.

Amarjit added it was important for the committee to get as much information as possible and to question and interview the rider to get a better picture of how the positive test result came about.

"After we are able to get a better picture of how it could happen, then only can we make a decision. It is still too early for me to comment about punishment though it is known publicly that the suspension period is four years as determined by the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) when athletes are found to have used or consumed banned substances,” he said.

However Amarjit declined to reveal the rider’s identity nor confirm what was the banned substance that was consumed by the rider.

"Cases involving banned substances will be treated accordingly, whether it involves a national athlete, state and so on, so forth. This is a very serious matter that needs to be given due attention and scrutiny,” he said.

According to a source, a local rider attached with a team with club status tested positive during the third stage of the race from Shah Alam to Pandan Indah that was held on October 19.

"The test revealed that the rider had used or consumed a banned substance containing anabolic steroid (S1 Category) which is banned by Wada,” added the source.

The race which has a status of 2.2 on the Asia Tour calendar, and was held over five stages from October 17 to October 21 with 15 teams from within the country and overseas taking part.