(File pix) Khalid Ali said that the supporters and fans eager, determined efforts so that Selangor can return to calling the Shah Alam Stadium. (NSTP/OSMAN ADNAN)

KUALA LUMPUR: “Take pity on the Selangor supporters and fans who have always given their strong support and backing to their beloved team!” said former Red Giants player, Khalid Ali.

Khalid, who is also a former international who was part of the 1980 Moscow Olympic squad, hopes that both the Selangor state government and the FA of Selangor (FAS) can put aside their egos and differences and think about what’s best for the team that for the longest time were giants of Malaysian football.

He said that the supporters and fans eager, determined efforts so that Selangor can return to calling the Shah Alam Stadium home once again will be wasted and for nothing if both sides involved do not take steps to come to an amicable solution and understanding.

“To put it simply, this issue can only be resolved if the state government and FAS meet, and they will need to come up with an action plan that ensures Selangor is able to use Shah Alam Stadium as their official home.

“Please do not be too selfish because both sides need to take a good, closer look at the Selangor team and also the fans and supporters determination in their efforts to see their plan of Selangor returning to Shah Alam Stadium becoming a reality.

“Other than this, the whole country knows that from before Selangor and Shah Alam Stadium cannot be separated as both go hand in hand with one another. As a former player who wore the Selangor jersey with pride, it is for sure that I too want to see the team returning to play home matches at Shah Alam Stadium,” he said when contacted earlier today.

Yesterday, the Selangor Supporters Action Body (BBPS) continued their efforts in urging the state government to give their approval to the 33-time Malaysia Cup champions to return to Shah Alam Stadium this season itself.

BBPS vice president, Mohamad Haniff Rana Manzor explained that Selangor fans and supporters have become the victims of the disagreements between the state government and FAS which began last season itself.

Therefore for him the time has come for the state government to put side differences and past sentiments, and and return Shah Alam Stadium to the Rakyat while forgetting about any issues between both sides.

Selangor have not been allowed to use Shah Alam Stadium as their home since last season which has continued for the new season which has forced FAS to use the Kuala Lumpur Football Stadium instead (KLFA Stadium) in Cheras as their home venue.

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