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Felda United president, Anuar Malek (centre) unveils the team’s foreign players — Jocinei Schad (right), Thiago Junio De Aquino (2nd-right), Jaycee Jhon Okwunwanne (3rd-left) and Kei Ikeda pada (2nd-left). Also present is the club’s deputy president Datuk Mohd Isa Abu Kassim (left). - NSTP/ROSELA ISMAIL

BANGI: Felda United FC (FUFC) are committed towards resolving the salary arrears issue for all the players from last season’s Premier League winning squad within the next two months.

The guarantee was expressed by Felda United president, Anuar Malek, who is committed to settling the remaining two months in salary arrears after managing to pay one months’ salary last week which was deposited directly into the bank accounts of the players and coach of last season’s squad.

"We have managed to pay up part of it and as I’ve said earlier, we need a little bit more time because I’m still new (as Felda United president), only 11 days in, and already in such a situation.

"In the span of just 11 days, we have to imagine just how we are going to deal with and resolve all these matters that are pending and overdue. However I am confident that with the understanding and camaraderie between all sides, all will pitch in to help and band together with the opinion and view that we can settle everything amicably.

"We will try to resolve all the issues and problems within the next two months,” he said when met after the introduction ceremony for Felda United’s foreign imports and a meet and greet session between the Felda United staff and president held here earlier today (Friday).

Earlier, through a report by NSTP Sports, Felda United’s former coach last season, B. Sathianathan had expressed dissatisfaction when Felda United failed to pay three months in salary arrears from September to November last year.

In fact the former national coach also revealed that Felda United had failed to contribute towards the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) for five months from July to November last year, apart from failing to settle the bonus for emerging as Premier League champions last season.

However, after all the issues and problems were revealed by NSTP Sport, Felda United acted swiftly to tackle the salary arrears issue by paying out one months’ salary with the remaining two months owed to be settled in stages.

Anuar, who is Felda’s deputy managing director for Community Development, expressed dissatisfaction with Sathianathan’s statement of accusing Felda United in shortchanging him when it came to the issue of payment of salary arrears.

"Actually Felda United have already held discussions with the players and it was done without him, as at the time he was overseas.

"If it is said that there were no discussions carried out with him, then it is something that needs to be rectified immediately.

"The management, especially the secretary-general, had already carried out discussions on the matter and informed of what was discussed. God willing, once the dust settles then all will be seen,” said Anuar, who also hopes that Felda United’s new coach, Nizam Jamil will be able to continue with the team’s excellent competition record in the Super League for the coming new season.

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