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Former Felda United coach B. Sathianathan wants the club to pay up what is owed.

KUALA LUMPUR: In order to deal with the salary arrears issue, Felda United’s management are ready to accept the fact that they stand to lose their annual grant of RM3 million from the Malaysia Football League (MFL) as a means to resolve the issue affecting players and coaching staff from last season who are still owed two months’ salary.

This was acknowledged by a reliable source within the club who spoke on condition of anonymity, admitting that they have already put in a request to MFL and the FA of Malaysia (FAM) that the money from the grant be used first and foremost to pay the salary arrears of the players and coaching staff.

“Felda United are aware and concerned with regards to the financial difficulties experienced by former players and coaches, who need the remaining two months’ salary as well as other funds owed to them which remains unpaid. So to make sure that this issue does not drag on, the club have already requested to FAM last week to use funds from the grant to pay up on all that is owed to them from last season.

“FAM seem to have no problems in allowing this but the club are still waiting for the guarantee letter that funds from the grant will be paid by MFL directly to the players and coaches who are owed salary arrears. We need the guarantee letter as it is proof that the salary arrears owed will be settled immediately once the funds are made possible,” said the source yesterday (Thursday).

Earlier, the team’s coach last season, B. Sathianathan questioned his former employers for failing to settle the salary arrears issue along with the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) contributions which are five months behind.

In fact, he also revealed that last season’s Premier League champions also owe him a signing on fee which he has not received since joining the club in 2017.

The source explained that the club are not trying to avoid paying and neither are they shirking their responsibilities towards them especially with regards to the salary arrears issue.

“The club just appointed Anuar Malek as their new president during the middle of last month, so they need a little more time to find the best way to overcome this problem because at the same time, the club also has to think about taking care of the current team for the new season as well.

“Whatever it is, the club’s management are taking responsibility, and they hope to resolve this matter as soon as possible without it dragging on any further,” said the source.

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