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(File pix) Faiz Subri, winner of Fifa’s Puskas Award for world’s best goal, is sadly without a club today, and he has gone back to his hometown, Jitra, to do some business. NSTP /SHAHNAZ FAZLIE SHAHRIZAL

THE whole of Malaysia, in fact the whole world talked about Faiz Subri in January, 2017.

The attacking midfielder caught our imagination with his physics-defying free kick which won him the Puskas award for the world’s best goal.

Sadly, those days of glory are over and when the M-League transfer window shuts today, the 31-year-old Kedah-born player will find himself without a team despite all his fame.

Faiz, who played for Penang in the Premier League last season, has gone back to his hometown in Jitra, Kedah, to start a business. He is also a brand ambassador for Aspada Perfume.

When NST Sport contacted Faiz, he declined to comment but we managed to speak to his good friend.

The friend, who preferred not to be named, said when Faiz's contract ended in November last year, the Penang FA management called for a selection trial but he declined.

Faiz also did not want to move to other teams as it would mean he has to shift his family of three small children, which he felt would be inconvenient.

Faiz has teamed up with some friends to do business apart from lending his name to a perfume brand.

However, according to his friend, Faiz has not given up on football, knowing he would be good for at least a few more years.

Faiz hopes to return to the M-League during the second transfer window in May as he believes that he can still contribute to the sport.

And Malaysian fans will hope to see the famous swerving gravity-defying shot from Faiz again.

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