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The Malaysia Football League (MFL) have rejected the Perlis FA’s (PFA) appeal to allow them to stay in the Premier League.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Perlis FA’s (PFA) appeal to the Malaysian Football League (MFL) to allow them to stay in the Premier League has been rejected.

This was announced by MFL earlier today (Thursday) in a media statement.

PFA had failed to fulfil the regulations of depositing RM8 million and detailed financial documents with the Malaysia League (M-League) administrators to be allowed to play in the second-tier Premier League.

“Perlis have been informed that the letter from their lawyers must indicate the money is already in the (MFL) account.

“Perlis was also told it can’t just be a letter stating that the money will be deposited once the appeal is approved.”

PFA deputy president, Mohd Abdul Karim Khan Mansor Ahmad Khan, along with a potential sponsor, had met with MFL officials on Feb 26 (Tuesday) with the appeal documents.

“At the meeting, Perlis appealed to stay in the Premier League and said they are not interested in playing in the M3 League because it would lead to their sponsor pulling out.

“The letter from the sponsor’s lawyers indicated they will only deposit the RM8 million if Perlis’ appeal is approved.

“This clearly did not meet MFL’s demands which stated for the money to be deposited in escrow.”

On Feb 20 (Wednesday), the Northern Lions were booted out of the M-League due to their deplorable financial situation, and they were given seven days to appeal.

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