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Malaysia Football League (MFL) chief executive offiver Kevin Ramalingam pointed out that that the Sarawak FA (FAS), who are led by Datuk Posa Majais, owe much more than MFL do. (NSTP FILE PIC)

PETALING JAYA: Who owes who actually? This is the question brought up by Malaysia Football League (MFL) chief executive offiver Kevin Ramalingam regarding claims made by the Sarawak FA (FAS) that the local football league administrators owe a couple of teams.

Kevin also brushed off such claims, and in fact pointed out that that FAS, who are led by Datuk Posa Majais, owe much more than MFL do.

“Prior to this we had already explained with regards to the insurance and audited financial accounts.

“We want to explain that if there are indeed such claims with no official match payments, We will produce the required or necessary evidence.

“Though for me, the criticisms won’t stop just there, because as long as there is someone out there trying to play up a certain issue, such people will also try to look for other issues, but from what we can see, it is just one statement without basis or proof and based on emotions,” he said when met here yesterday (Tuesday).

Based on records, MFL admit that they did not settle claims for referees travelling costs amounting to RM33,726.54 because the state football association owes MFL slightly more in levy, amounting to 34,924.70 since last year.

FAS debt with MFL has just grown this year because they have yet to settle the levy amounting to RM48,547.30 while the payment for referee’s travelling cost claims cost RM20,575.34.

Kevin also pointed out that MFL have never turned a blind eye to their responsibilities as the administrators of the Malaysia League (M-League) including Sarawak football even though Posa moved to openly criticise MFL in the media.

Even though Posa’s actions merits punishment for bringing bad publicity to the M-League, which indirectly also adversely affects other stakeholders, Kevin said that they will have to back down because Sarawak football has huge potential and therefore a bright future as well.

Apart from this, Sabah FA (SAFA) interim president Datuk Peter Anthony also questioned MFL’s credibility and wants the FA of Malaysia (FAM) to be given full power and responsibility to run the local professional football league in the country.

Meanwhile the problems between FAS and MFL will be brought forth to MFL’s board of directors so that any weaknesses or problems can be addressed.

FAM president, Datuk Hamidin Mohd Amin said that a closed door meeting was held with Posa to find out what is the real issue that resulted in him openly criticising MFL.

“From the joint discussion carried out (on Tuesday), Posa eventually agreed that the issues that he brought up be taken up with MFL’s board of directors so that it can be resolved amicably and for the sake and well-being of Malaysian football.

“Apart from accepting and adhering to all the advice given pertaining to football, Posa also stated that as an association president of one of FAM’s stakeholders, he will work towards ensuring that FAS remain in support of FAM,” said Hamidin.

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