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Valci Junior (left) and Matt Holland

Perlis, who are already serving a Fifa registration ban, may now face the world body’s wrath again.

The Northern Lions, who were kicked out of the Premier League in February last year, are currently not allowed to sign players after Fifa imposed a registration ban on them for failing to settle the wages of their former player, Valci Junior, within the stipulated deadline.

It is learnt that Perlis owe Junior US$17,400 (RM70,708) and another US$78,300 (RM318,186) for breach of contract.

The conditional ban will only be lifted once they have paid Junior in full.

However, Perlis, who are hoping to return to competitive football this year in the M3 League, are facing another Fifa sanction for their failure to settle the salary arrears of their former football director, Matt Holland.

A source revealed that the Perlis FA (PFA) were instructed by Fifa to pay RM200,000 plus default interest of five per cent within 30 days to Holland on Nov 25 last year.

PFA were also ordered to pay compensation amounting to RM798,658 (plus default interest of five per cent) for breach of contract.

FAM secretary-general Stuart Ramalingam said Perlis will only be allowed to return to competition after they have resolved their issues.

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