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Malaysia Football League technical committee officials inspecting the City Stadium in George Town, Penang, on Saturday. - NSTP/K. Kandiah

The Panthers will get to be backed by the “Keramat Roar” in the Premier League season which kicks off on Feb 28.

The Football Association of Penang (FAP) have been given the green light by the Malaysia Football League (MFL) to host their matches at the City Stadium in George Town.

MFL officials visited the City Stadium over the weekend and certified it fit for Penang’s Premier League matches.

FAP president Dr Amar Pritpal Abdullah said yesterday the MFL’s technical committee had inspected the stadium, its pitch and lighting.

He said MFL officials were satisfied with the well-maintained pitch, its drainage system and lighting.

Dr Amar added that MFL wanted the the lines on the field to be improved, and FAP had done so.

Dr Amar said Penang playing at the City Stadium is good news as the Panthers will return to familiar grounds, where the “Keramat Roar” should bring back the fans.

“When Penang’s matches were held at the State Stadium in Batu Kawan, Seberang Perai Selatan last year, the crowd support was almost nil.

“Now all that is expected to change.

“We saw the fans return to support Penang during the few friendly matches that we played at the City Stadium.”

The 87-year-old City Stadium is maintained by the Penang Island City Council, the owner of the oldest stadium in the country.

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