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 Farhan Ibrahim
Farhan Ibrahim

Playing in empty stadiums will hurt M-League teams more than postponing matches.

This was stated by Melaka United Soccer Association (MUSA) secretary general Farhan Ibrahim yesterday.

He said such a move is far more financially damaging to the teams.

Farhan made the comment following news of Kelantan’s intention to cut their players’ salaries due to the suspension of the M-League after the Covid-19 outbreak.

Kelantan are heavily dependent on gate collections to pay their players.

“We will lose money if we play matches behind closed doors. But it won’t hurt so much if matches are postponed.”

Farhan pointed out that Melaka lost RM150,000 at the gates in their Super League match against Pahang when it was played behind closed doors (before the league was suspended).

Farhan said following the government’s Movement Control Order, the Melaka players are restricted to training at home but he is more worried about the M-League being postponed longer if things don’t improve.

“If the league is postponed for a longer period, say more than a month, it will definitely affect the competition schedule,” he said.

“I need to speak to the MFL about their next course of action.”


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