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 Kedah captain Baddrol Bakhtiar (left) says players have to follow schedule given to them by the manager. -BERNAMA pic
Kedah captain Baddrol Bakhtiar (left) says players have to follow schedule given to them by the manager. -BERNAMA pic

Unlike Premier League outfit, Terengganu FC II who have ordered their players to send videos of them training at home daily, Kedah coach Aidil Sharin Sahak practises a trust system.

Yes, the “lenient” Aidil is not going to check on the Kedah players during the two-week Movement Control Order (MCO).

Under the government’s MCO to curb the spread of coronavirus, the footballers will have to train on their own at home.

Aidil, whose team won the FA Cup last year, has given his men a training programme to follow at home during the MCO.

It may seem that they are a bit laidback, but Kedah team officials do not intend to check on their players as to whether they are doing their “homework”.

Red Eagles captain Baddrol Bakhtiar said yesterday: “We have to follow the schedule given to us. Most of it concerns food intake, cleanliness and fitness.

“Our coach (Aidil) trusts us. He doesn’t check on us or anything.

“Our home training is basically an hour plus of light fitness but what he told us was just to make sure we don’t sit still.

“He is quite a cool guy.”

“Our coach is always motivating us, so if it’s something we can do for him, it would be to keep the momentum going.”

Baddrol, who has won two Super League titles, four FA Cups and three Malaysia Cups with Kedah, said although he misses the field and the stadium, it’s fun training at home as his wife joins him in his physical exercises too.

“I really miss it (team training) but we, as players, can’t do much.

“We need to abide by whatever orders that come out from MFL (Malaysian Football League).

“During the MCO, aside from the training and light workout, I help my wife cook.

“I don’t cook myself but I help her chop up the ingredients that she needs,” quipped Baddrol.

The 32-year-old, who has made 58 appearances for Malaysia, admitted although it has been fun playing sous chef, he hopes the interruption will not affect Kedah’s momentum.

Having earned their first three points after four games last Sunday by beating Selangor 2-0, Baddrol is worried that Kedah’s victory will have little impact.

“I’m worried about our momentum.

“If the league resumes in the near future, I hope the MFL will consider giving all the teams a week to prepare for it.

On Kelantan’s proposal to cut their players’ salaries as a result of the M-League suspension and MCO, Baddrol said it is utterly inappropriate.

“This shouldn’t happen. This (M-League suspension) is a directive from the authorities,” he added.


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