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POLICE footballers will be fined RM100 to RM200 if they return overweight from the two-week stay at home Movement Control Order (MCO).

So, for those who think that this is going to be a holiday, they had better think again.

This is the warning issued to Police’s Super League players after the M-League season was called off following the MCO.

Police coach Ishak Kunju (pic) said: “This (two-week MCO) is not a vacation for the players.”

“If they come back to the training camp even a kilogramme overweight, the fine is RM100 or RM200.”

He said the punishment of a fine is not to make things difficult for the players but to keep them lean and mean.

Ishak feels that this move will keep the players on their toes as they will not take things lightly when staying at home.

“It will also be the same when we test their fitness when they come back.

“The players need to exceed the required running speed. If they fail, they will be penalised,” he said.

“However, I am convinced all the players will stay fit, and they have also agreed to this form of punishment.

“It is important that they should be at least the same weight before the MCO.”

Ishak said to ensure that his men are always fit and maintain the ideal weight, he and his coaching staff have prepared a special training programme for the players to do at home.

“They do the special training at home and send a report in the form of a video to the fitness coach.

“The fitness coach will inform them of the training that needs to be done through WhatsApp before sending a full report to the head coach.

“The form of training depends on the equipment owned by the players but on the condition that the training be 30-45 minutes a day.

“So far the players have acted responsibly and there is no issues,” he said.

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