(File pix) Mohd Taqiyuddin Hamid and Rosli Mohd Sharif perform during the SEA Games 2017 Men's Double Pencak Silat Artistic Ganda event. EPA

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian National Silat Federation (Pesaka) secretary general Datuk Megat Zulkarnain Omardin has refuted claims of biased judging at the Kuala Lumpur Sea Games (KL2017).

The Indonesian team had raised the issue after the victory of Malaysian pair Taqiyuddin Hamid and Rosli Sharif in the ganda putera (silat seni) event yesterday.

"I am not being biased but our exponents we just better on the day. The Indonesian pair had committed two mistakes which saw them lose points while the Vietnamese team had accidentally dropped their weapon," said Megat Zulkarnain.

Megat Zulkarnain added that such accusations are to be expected when the host country wins in a subjective sport such as silat seni.

"This is normal. They (Indonesia) had already accepted the result during the team managers meeting and admitted that their exponents made a few mistakes.

"You have to expect these kind of complaints but in terms of quality, our exponents were right up there. You cannot dispute that."

Translated from Harian Metro