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KUALA LUMPUR: Appointing a head official in charge of diving within the Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia (Asum) could help the sport reach greater heights.

This was stated by former national diver Bryan Nickson Lomas today.

Many, including former Asum honorary secretary Datuk Sieh Kok Chi, have called for the formation of separate national bodies for the various aquatic disciplines, currently managed by Asum.

"When people, with as much experience in sports such as Datuk Sieh, present such suggestions, there could be some benefits to it," said Bryan today.

"I understand that it is hard for Asum to manage all the different disciplines which are technically very different and I do sympathise with the huge workload placed on them.

"Even with such a workload, Asum have still managed to produce good results over the years but there is always room for improvement.

"However, we do not have to break away from them to be better.

"We can appoint a head person, still under Asum, to take care of the sport or even form a team to manage it. This way there can be better focus and I believe there will be a lot of benefits.

"This will also help to lessen the burden on them (Asum).

"At the end of the day it is still up to Asum to decide whether it is necessary, I have no issues with them and have a lot of respect for what they do."

Bryan, who is Malaysia's first ever world junior champion in the sport and youngest ever Olympian, added that former national divers such as himself are willing to give their support in developing the sport.

"If our (ex-athletes’) services are needed, I am sure that many of us are willing to help. We are definitely open to the idea, as it is our own sport after all.

"There is a number former national divers who are not only willing to help but are also qualified to do so.

"Yeoh Ken Nee and Rossharisham Roslan are among those who have a solid educational background."

Bryan himself is well qualified having last year secured a master’s degree in sports administration from the Russian International Olympic University.

He had in 2015 completed his bachelor’s degree in sports science at Universiti Malaya.

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