TM technical chairman R. Dhanaraj

KUALA LUMPUR: Taekwondo Malaysia (TM) are still waiting for an explanation, in black and white, from the Sports Ministry or National Sports Council (NSC) on why the sport was dropped from the Core Sports Programme last month.

Technical chairman R. Dhanaraj stressed that TM do not have any internal problems but instead have an open concept whereby anyone is free to join.

“We don’t have any internal problems with our exco as what has been reported by the media and we have yet to receive anything in black and white from the government regarding the downgrade,” he said yesterday.

“You’ll find there’s a progression (in the sport), increase in medals. We are stunned as to why this has happened and until now, we don’t know why we’ve been downgraded,” said Dhanaraj.

Taekwondo’s exclusion from the Core Sports Programme led to head coach, Kim Hong Gon heading back to South Korea after his contract ended at the end of last year, and also the resignation of coaching assistant Rusfredy Tokan Petrus.

“We still have a coach under the programme like poomsae but Rusfredy has resigned and the back-up coaches will be upgraded.”

Meanwhile, following the selection committee meeting for the Asian Games in Indonesia, taekwondo has been asked to list 10 kyorugi and six poomsae athletes as opposed to seven for kyorugi and four for poomsae which TM had initially outlined. Malaysia’s main hope is on Sea Games gold medallist Rozaimi Rozali.

“We do have athletes with potential such as Rozaimi who took home silver from the MMA Games last year and he is also a Sea Games gold medalist.”

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