Najwa (2nd from right) with her teammates. Pic by NSTP

KUALA LUMPUR: An Najwa Azizan is feeling at home in Australia with second-tier club, Greater Western Sydney (GWS).

She is the first Malaysian netball player to play professionally outside the country.

“I felt strange when I first arrived in Australia but after a month, I am feeling more comfortable,” said Najwa, who helped Malaysia win last year’s Kuala Lumpur Sea Games gold medal.

“One should move out of their comfort zone in order to become better and stronger. I hope the experience here will make me a better player.”

An Najwa, known as ‘Beauty Killer', said her team train three days a week.

“The facilities here are different compared to the ones in Malaysia. Netball is an A-list sport in this country.

“There are so many netball courts and many are involved in the sport,” said the 21-year-old student of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

An Najwa said: "The match intensity is different and one must give their best in training sessions and matches.

"I hope what I am saying will open the eyes of Malaysian netball players. Netball is challenging outside the country,” she added.

The netball season in Australia ends in September.

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