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Azizulhasni Awang

Fancy watching Azizulhasni Awang competing against the best cyclists in road racing?

It could become a reality — but only after next year’s Tokyo Olympics.

For now, his focus is on winning an Olympic title in Tokyo following his bronze medal feat in keirin at the 2016 Rio edition.

“I am not sure for now (about switching to road) but I have always liked road cycling,” said the Dungun-born recently.

“On my rest days, I like to go out and ride for two, three and sometimes even four hours.

“It’s to the point that John Beasley (national track cycling coach) would tell me ‘not too much, not too much’ because if I overdo it now (road cycling) it might reduce my muscle mass.

“If I can win gold at the Olympics next year, I might do a transition (to road cycling).”

The former world keirin champion is currently on a strength-building phase ahead of next year’s Olympics.

Apart from affecting his muscle mass, too much cardio work might also change the dynamics of his muscle fibres, which would affect his strength in track sprinting.

Dutchman Theo Bos, a former Olympic silver medallist and five-time world champion on the track, is a prime example of a track sprinter who has also enjoyed a strong career on the road.

The transition from track to road, however, comes more naturally for endurance cyclists.

Pursuit riders Bradley Wiggins and Geraint Thomas, for example, have both gone on to win the Tour de France.

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