Chuah Shangyang has continued his golden run by coming out tops in xingyiquan at the World Championships after doing likewise at the World Masterships Games in South Korea last month.

BEING a late entrant for the World Championships was a fulfilling one for debutant Chuah Shangyang when he won the country’s first gold medal in Shanghai, China on Sunday.

The 19-year-old garnered 9.400 points in the men’s xingyiquan to win the title. Macau’s Cheong Pui Seng (9.343) and Germany’s Christoph Huynh (9.233) won silver and bronze respectively.

It’s certainly a great result for the Penang-born who also won gold in the same event at the World Masterships Games in Chungju, South Korea last month.

“This is my first world meet outing and I used the same routine that won me the gold at the World Masterships Games,” said Shangyang.

“It’s a surprise for me because I only found out that I was going for this world meet after returning from Korea.

“I’m pleased to have performed without making any mistakes.”

Shangyang will now compete in the nangun and nandao events in Shanghai.

Compatriot Loh Choon How looks to be following in the footsteps of now-retired former world champion Loh Jack Chang by grabbing bronze in the taijiquan yesterday.

The Kuala Lumpur-born posted 9.646 points to finish behind China’s gold medallist Cui Bihui (9.713) and South Korea’s Yu Won-hee (9.653).

Team manager Datuk Chang Kim Fatt was pleased with their achievements.

“Choon How trains hard and is quite steady. We hope to see more from him,” said Kim Fatt.

“In the past, we had Jack Chang who is now retired, so Choon How could be the one to take over.

“As for Shangyang, the team had a serious discussion a day before the registration deadline. After deliberating, we decided to register him as a replacement for another exponent.

“I’m happy the decision paid off for these first-timers and I hope to see more new athletes come in to take over from those who have retired.”

There was another pleasant surprise as Wong Weng Son did well in a massive pool of 88 exponents to grab silver in the changquan event.

Weng Son posted 9.656 points to finish behind Indonesia’s Edgar Xavier Marvelo who topped the field with 9.663.

Korea’s Lee Ha-sung finished third on 9.643.

Malaysia have so far won one gold, two silver and one bronze. In the 2017 Kazan edition, Malaysia achieved a 2-3-3 haul.